Yellow River Tanglang Quan Association

黄  河  螳  螂  拳 会

The Yellow River Tanglang Quan Association (YRTQA) was founded on January 5th, 2016 by Dr. Mark Van Schuyver. The Association was created for the purpose of advancing all styles of Northern Praying Mantis Boxing (Tanglang Quan) through instruction, practice, research, knowledge sharing, and instructor certification.

Vision – Advance and Promote all styles of Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu by fostering knowledge sharing, networking, education and fellowship among practitioners, teachers and enthusiasts.


The YRTQA is an association that embraces and supports all varieties of Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu by providing access to research in Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu through publication, networking, and other methods, encouraging instruction of the various Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu systems through a network of Affiliated Schools, offering Duan rank certification for YRTQA Members who are high-level Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu practitioners through an extensive peer-based evaluation process, and by sponsoring seminars and other activities and events that promote the various Northern styles of Tanglang Quan.


The Yellow River Tanglang Quan Association is not a Kung Fu school and it does not represent any particular master, style or heritage.

YRTQA Values - Integrity, Respect, Humility, Balance, Productivity, Accountability

Motto – Tanglang Quan for Health, Longevity, Self-Defense, Tradition, and Art

​Board of Advisors - Advisors provide advice to the Association

Members - Members benefit from the products and services provided by the Yellow River Tanglang Quan Association. There is a one-time $25 fee for membership. There are no knowledge or skill requirements for membership.  Tanglang teachers, students, practitioners and friends of the art are welcome to join regardless of style or heritage.  

YRTQA certified Black Belts - are Members who hold YRTQA Black Belt Chu Duan and higher ranking. Chu Duan level Black Belts and the Shizu may promote others up to, but not above, the rank of Black Belt Chu Duan.  Er Duan and higher rank can only be awarded by a quorum of the YRTQA Board of Examiners per the Duan Rank System guidelines. There is no charge for Duan certification.

Affiliated Schools - YRTQA Black Belt Chu Duan and higher ranked Members may designate their school as YRTQA Affiliated Schools.  Affiliated Schools are affiliated with but not subordinate to the YRTQA.

Board of Examiners - are selected from the highest available ranking YRTQA Black Belt Er Duan and higher rank holders and the Director.  The five Examiners (Kao Guan) are responsible for the certification of YRTQA Black Belts level 2nd Duan and above and for YRTQA leadership duties.

Duan Ranking - Available to YRTQA Members only. Administered through an extensive evaluation from the Board of Examiners. YRTQA ranking is a modern peer-based ranking system not a traditional master/disciple method. There is no fee associated with the Duan ranking process.


  • Tanglang Quan (螳 螂) Praying Mantis Boxing
  • Guan (館) Kung Fu School
  • Shizu (始祖) Founder of a Kung Fu Association
  • Kao Guan (考 官) Examiner of Duan ranking for the YRTQA
  • Laoshi (老師) Certified Kung Fu Instructor
  • Shifu (師父) Kung Fu Teacher. Generally the owner and chief instructor of a school
  • Shigong (師公) Teacher’s Teacher
  • Xuesheng (學生) Kung Fu Student

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