The Yellow River Tanglang Quan Association is sponsoring a Praying Mantis Kung Fu Seminar in Lawrenceville, GA on July 29th and 30th.  Shifu Richard Tolson, President of the YRTQA and Owner of Mantis Masters Academy in North Canton, Ohio will conduct the seminar. 

On Saturday participants will learn the first section of the two-person partner form for the Taiji Meihua Tanglangquan set, Zhi Lu ("Pointing the Way").

On Sunday participants will learn the Twelve Secret Words that describe the fighting principles of Taiji Maihua Tanglangquan plus applications. There will also be a compare and contrast discussion between the Twelve Secret Words of Taiji Meihua and Qi Xing Tanglangquan. Whether you practice the Taiji Meihua Praying Mantis Kung Fu or one of the Seven Star families of Praying Mantis Kung Fu this will be beneficial to understanding the deeper meaning of your art.

Hosted by Ching Yi Kung Fu Atlanta
C3 Fitness Center, 1065 Walther Blvd, Lawrenceville, GA 30043


  • Saturday, July 29th - Two Person Mantis Form ($30.00).  2:00 PM - 5:00 PM  
  • Sunday, July 30th - 12 Key Words ($30.00).  2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

  • Attend Both days for only $50.00

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Recommended hotel, Holiday Inn Express, Lawrenceville, GA


Shifu Richard A. Tolson - YRTQA President and Examiner (Kao​ Guan, 考 官)

Shifu Richard Tolson has been training in martial arts for Fifty years and teaching for thirty-nine years.  He opened his first school in the inner-city of Ft. Wayne, Indiana in 1978 and continued to teach in Indiana until he moved to Ohio in 1986.  After moving to Ohio, he immediately began teaching and has continued to teach in the Northeast Ohio area.  He owns and operates the Mantis Masters Academy in North Canton, Ohio.

Shifu Tolson holds the rank of Yellow River Tanglang Quan Association Black Belt 6th Degree.  He has a reputation as a master in Monkey kung fu (nu hou quan), Praying Mantis kung fu (qixing tanglangquan, shuaishou tanglangquan and taiji meihua tanglangquan) and traditional Jujutsu (arashi-ryu).  He has taught seminars in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Georgia.

Shifu Tolson has worked tirelessly over the past eleven years translating modern and ancient Chinese texts.  He has authored two books based on his translations:  Wong Hon Fan’s Northern Praying Mantis Quan Pu and Hao Family Taiji Meihua Tanglangquan Zhai Yao Quan Sections One – Six.

Shifu Tolson’s students compete in free-fighting at various local tournaments and regularly take first or second place in their divisions.  He has judged in tournaments in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Louisiana.

Shifu Tolson is a student of Haojia Taiji Meihua Tanglangquan master, Zhang Weifu of Qingdao, China and is Master Zhang’s authorized representative in the United States.  He has also trained with masters Mike Biggie (qixing tanglangquan) and Yang Xiaodong (qixing tanglangquan and shuaishou tanglangquan).

Five of Shifu Tolson’s students actively teach martial arts in Indiana and Ohio.