Members benefit from the products and services provided by the Yellow River Praying Mantis Kung Fu Association. There is a one-time $25 fee for membership. There are no knowledge or skill requirements for membership. Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu teachers, students, practitioners and friends of the arts are welcome to join the Association. Members are automatically added to the Association's email distribution list and their email addresses may be shared with other Association Members unless they indicate otherwise.

YRTQA Members

  1. Dr. Mark VanSchuyver, YRTQA Founder
  2. Dr. George Lisjak, YRTQA Black Belt 5th Duan
  3. Mr. Dean Chapman
  4. Mr. Richard Tolson, YRTQA Black Belt 6th Duan
  5. Mr. Chris Brazukas
  6. Mr. Lee Burks
  7. Mr. John Spolarich
  8. Mr. Patrick Wolf
  9. Mr. Andrew T. Huynh
  10. Mr. Abel Mann Martinez, YRTQA Black Belt 1st Duan
  11. Mr. Stephen Ponder
  12. Mr. Michael L. Brown
  13. Mr. Marcus Albert Moore
  14. Dr. Tye W. Botting, YRTQA Black Belt 5th Duan
  15. Dr. Her Yue Wong
  16. Ms. Carol Emerson
  17. Mr. Brian Beard
  18. Mr. Kenny Emerson
  19. Ms. Stacey Watson
  20. Mr. Travis Watson
  21. Mr. Michael Alan Brown
  22. Mr. Mike Biggie, YRTQA Black Belt 5th Duan
  23. Mr. Louis Adkins
  24. Mr. Jonah Roberts
  25. Mr. Don Cannon
  26. Mr. Milosz Romanowski
  27. Mr. Adam Thompson
  28. Mr. Nathan Sypolt
  29. Mr. David Larson