Yellow River Praying Mantis Kung fu Association

黄  河  螳  螂  拳 会

 Shifu / Guro Dr. Tye W. Botting - Vice President and Examiner (Kao​ Guan, 考 官)

Dr. Botting began his study of the Chinese martial arts at age 16 in 1981 while living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has trained in a number of arts since then, but considers the three arts he holds instructor rank in as his core: Northern Shaolin / Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu (black sash since 1989), Modern Arnis (black belt since 1995), and Yang Style Taijiquan (instructor since 1992). He teaches kung fu and Modern Arnis at Tye's Kung Fu, and he founded the original TAMU Kung Fu and TAMU Modern Arnis clubs at the requests of GM Wang in 1989 and Professor Remy A. Presas, Sr., in 1994, respectively.

Dr. Botting is Vice President and serves on the Board of Examiners for the Yellow River Praying Mantis Kung Fu Association that promotes Northern Praying Mantis knowledge exchange and understanding. He also serves on the Senior Council for the World Modern Arnis Alliance (WMAA) that carries on the Presas family combat systems of Modern Arnis and Kombatan."  He teaches both kung fu and modern arnis in Springfield, Virginia. He still teaches periodically at Wang's Martial Arts (WMA) that he has attended since the start of 1983, making him the longest-running and highest ranked student. He makes it a point to participate in the WMA Annual Chinese New Year Celebration and Reunion. He has taught seminars and individuals in kung fu and arnis across the United States in 15 states (CA CO CT GA IL KY LA MD MI NJ NY PA TN TX VA), and internationally in the Republic of Ireland and the Philippines. He is available on the web, his blog, email, Facebook, and more. He holds the following martial arts ranks and certifications:

  • 6th degree black sash (Liu Tuan, Master Instructor), 2015 (Northern Shaolin / Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu)
  • 4th degree black belt (Lakan Apat), 2016 from the WMAA (Presas Arnis, Modern Arnis, and Kombatan)
  • 5th degree black sash (Wu Duan), 2017 Yellow River Tanglang Quan Association)
  • Renshi-Godan (Polished Master, 5th degree), 2014 (Bushi No Te organization, recognition for kung fu and arnis)
  • Assistant Instructor, 1992 (Yang style Taijiquan)

Shifu Botting's most influential teachers have included:

  • (1983-present) Master Yun-Yang Wang (Northern Shaolin / Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Yang Style Taijiquan)
  • (1992-1993) Guro Eric Alexander, (1993-2001) Professor Remy A. Presas at scores of camps and seminars, and many more since his passing - always trying to find more of what the Professor had shared over the year. (Modern Arnis)
  • (1981-1982) Shifu David Jackson Yap (Southern Shaolin, Hung Gar, and Wing Chun Kung Fu)
  • (1992-1993) Yang Daho and Allen Lee (Liu Yun Qiao line) (Six Harmonies Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Chen Style Taijiquan)
  • (1991-1993) Hanshi Raymond L. Montoya (American Shorin Kempo, Pressure-Point Control Tactics (PPCT))
  • (1994-1996) Shifu Dr. John Paulson (Hung Gar Kung Fu)
  • (2004) Shihan Gary Ducote (Tomiki Aikido from Shiseiryu)

He strongly believes that it is very important to keep learning and has attended a multitudes of seminars and other training events with scores of different instructors. He is always looking to learn more and to use that to help better understand and approach his core arts.

For those who keep track of such things, Shifu Dr. Botting has accumulated some accolades:

  • World Peace Martial Arts Hall of Fame Induction, 2014
  • Action Martial Arts Mega Weekend Hall of Honors Induction for Outstanding Contributions in the Martial Arts, 2014
  • Mayor of Houston Proclamation January 21, 2017 declaring "Dr. Tye W. Botting Day" in appreciation for contributions to martial arts teaching, health, and wellness, 2017
  • Action Martial Arts Mega Weekend Hall of Honors Silver Lifetime (35 years) Award for Contributions to the Martial Arts, 2017

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